Petar Klančir: «The Greek bodybuilding is getting better» (english version)


He is one of the greatest bodybuilding's talents in Europe, he is situated between the hopeful... boulders of "iron sport" and he loves Greece as anywhere in the world. The reason for Croatian, Petar Klančir, who is 26th years old and is in the best form ever was.


The young bodybuilder representing the Superior Nutrition and is an official guest of the nutritional supplement store Muscle Club as guest poser for the matches of IFBB.


So, for another year Petar Klančir will come in his beloved Greece and on the occasion of this visit the iFitnessbook page prepared a great interview with the life and the sports secret of the... giant!


Petar Klančir speaks publcly for the first time in Greece and shares with us the first moments of his carrer, he tell us the secrets about his body, talk about Greece with the best words and he reveal the next steps and the aims of his carrer.


With us, the Croatian giant, Petar Klančir, enjoy him...



Petar, how old are you and when did you start bodybuilding?

"Hi everyone, thank you very much for this interview! It's always nice to talk about our iron sport. I'm 26 years old and my bodybuilding journey started a ten ye
ars ago. It was not an easy start but then, I'm no quitter so I gave it all and now I can't complain about the results".

Have you ever occupied with other sports in the past?

"Sure. I was always into sports and I liked competing with others. My first love was athletics, running to be more precise. I made some great results there as well as a few national records that are still unbroken to this day. It gave me a good background and prepared me for the world of competitions. It also doesn't hurt your hear when you already know how to run properly".


What is the secret of your success? Tell us about them...

am hardworking and competitive character. Those are my greatest virtues. Maybe you were thinking that I'll say chest or arms, but no. Everyone can have a pair of nice arms or a full chest, but to be hard working, driven and competitive, you either have it in you or you don't. I'm lucky enough that I can motivate myself every day to be better and stronger than yesterday. It's hard sometimes, but I don't settle for easy!".


Is it easy to become a bodybuilder in Croatia? What's the bodybuilding level there?

"Bodybuilding in Croatia is...well, it's ok. Our amateur branch of the sport is great, always bringing some medals and trophies back home. European champs, national champs, great junior competitors, we have some of the best amateurs around. But we have not IFBB Pro bodybuilders. Never had one and it doesn't look like we will have an army of competitors aiming for the PRO card soon. I hope that I can be the first Croatian bodybuilder ever to win it!".


You were the official guest as poser of the nutrition's shop Muscle Club and Tasos Misailidis who was the co-organizer of Mr. Kriti 2015. What's your experience from this event and what's your opinion for the greek bodybuilding?

"To be honest it was one of the best experiences in my career. I've never felt so good hospit
ality anywhere in the world. People took care of me and i tried to provide an energy packed routine and a good show for the audience. There has to be even more events like Mr.Kriti to promote bodybuilding all over Greece as we all saw a lot of guys interested in doing it. Greek bodybuilding is getting better and better and we can't really talk about it without mentioning "rock hard" Kefalianos, one of the few competitors with a grainy look on stage".



Αnd now another year in Greece as guest poser to the next game of IFBB. What are your feelings about this?

"Couldn't be more excited! I'm packing some new muscle for you guys and I really want to show what I have to everyone in the audience. I'm not one of those shy guys that want to be locked in a room away from everyone. This is our sport and I'm here to share with everyone. If you like bodybuilding, you're a fellow bodybuilder and I bet I can provide a good showing for everyone that likes our sport!".


You left the greek viewers with a very good impression. How much do you weight and what's the secret of your muscle mass?

"Right now I'm in the end stages of my prep and weight is not my concern. I would guess that I weigh around 120kg, possibly 118-122. As far as my secret is concerned here it is: balance! I try to balance everything in my life so I don't get consumed into doing only one thing. It helps my mind to relax when I'm not thinking about the competition every second. But hey! Don't mistake my attempts to balance my life for an easy going attitude about the prep- because you'll lose to me!"



Nutrition is valuable to an athlete. What are your tips?

"1. Don't overeat and then justify it by saying: "I'm gonna bulk up" you're gonna get fat if you overeat!
2. Listen to your body before you listen to someone else. Nobody knows you as well as you do.
3. Use supplemets to make it easier on your daily routine to take all the nutrients you need."


You represent international Superior Nutrition and Muscle Club which is the official representative in Greece. Tell us about these collaborations.

"This is the best team I've ever worked with! If it wasn't so I'd be somewhere else. I really like everyone in our team and how things are going with Superior. After all, they wouldn't be calling us Superior if we weren't outstanding".


What are your next goals in your race course? Who is your idol and why?

"PRO card is my goal. As simple as that. I wanna compete with the best of our sport and I don't intend to let that dream go away. As far as my idols go I really like Jay Cutler. He's a great ambassador of bodybuilding and an all around great legend of bodybuilding".

Do you believe that the first steps are very difficult for a young bodybuilder and why? Give to your greek fans an advice...

"Everything worth doing is hard. We've all had the same issues at some point. No money, no motivation, an injury, lagging bodypart, problems with our family. But it has to be that way guys because it separates the quitters from the rest of us!".



Read the interview in greek at the following link:





The iFitnessbook page thanks the big talent of Croatia in bodybuilding, Petar Klančir, for granting the interview, but also for the beautiful words for Greece and greek bodybuilding. We wish you good luck to your hard work...





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